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Commercial Whole House RO

Looking to get the pure water at every tap at your home or business? If you are, then a commercial or whole house reverse osmosis system is just what you need. These systems hook up to you main water line before it enters your house to get the pure water in your bathrooms, showers and all faucets. They handle large amounts of water to supply any amount of water a home uses.  

With a traditional reverse osmosis system, you get the RO water only at the faucet you have it hooked up to, normally in your kitchen. You get the pure water at that one faucet but you are left with the typical tap water at your other faucet and showers. Some people don’t mind having the tap water run through the rest of the house and like the under the counter RO system just for drinking and cooking purposes. If you would like all the benefits of clean water throughout your home, then a whole house RO system is perfect.

Commercial RO systems work great for health spas, entirehomes and restaurants. Wide ranges of businesses enjoy having pure water to satisfy their guests. Businesses and home owners alike, enjoy providing their guests with pure contaminant free water. A commercial or whole house reverse osmosis system works the same as a smaller unit. The membranes and water capacity are larger because typically the usage is more. It’s a good idea to know how many gallons per day (GPD) you plan on using. That way you can get the correct size for your home or business.  

Having pure uncontaminated water at every tap of a home or business is a great option for those living in areas with known water quality issues. Reverse osmosis systems have one of the highest rejection rates of contaminants of all filter systems. No other water purification system can give you better water than reverse osmosis.  

Feel free to call one of our experts if you have any questions or concerns about a commercial or whole house RO unit. 

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