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Counter Top RO Systems

If you are looking for high quality water in your kitchen, then a counter top reverse osmosis system is the perfect solution. These systems fit right on the counter top and serve as a simple and easy way to get purified water using you own tap water. Easy installation, just plug & drink. It is perfect for apartments, condominiums, motor homes, retirement homes and student dorms.

Using reverse osmosis in your home will protect your family from the harmful contaminants found in the water supply. Using extreme pressure, the system forces the water through micro filter membranes to filter out any contaminants the water may have. This will give you the healthiest and best tasting water you have ever had.

Don’t drink that dull chlorinated water found in some homes. You will love how a counter top reverse osmosis system purifies your water in a simple, easy way. Installation and upkeep of these systems are easy and they conveniently sit on top of the counter.

These systems are compact and will fit in even the tightest of kitchens. Great for smaller homes or apartments that want RO water but do not want to install the under the sink system.  

Grab your counter top RO System today and start enjoying healthy, great tasting water in no time!

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1 Item(s)