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Under the Sink RO Systems

The most popular RO system sold today is the under the sink Reverse Osmosis system. These systems are easily placed under the counter of a sink in the kitchen. Under the sink systems are small in size not taking up a lot of room in the often crowded space under the kitchen sink.                     

Under the sink reverse osmosis system

The line is connected from the RO tank to a faucet placed over the sink. There is also a line that drains the contaminated water or waste water. The under the sink reverse osmosis systems are great for providing clean pure drinking water right at your sink.  

The benefits of having a Reverse Osmosis system in your home are amazing. Reverse Osmosis has one of the highest contaminant rejection rates of any water filtering system. Up to 99% of all major contaminants are filtered out, leaving only the purest form of water. The under the sink reverse osmosis system is a great option for those looking to get great tasting pure drinking water. RO systems will often pay for themselves in a matter of months, saving money from not having to buy bottled water.  

Installing an under the sink Reverse Osmosis System is a fairly easy task. On a level of 1-10, it is about a 3. Easy to follow instructions help with those that are not as experienced with tools. If you consider yourself a handyman, then you should easily be able to get the installation done within an hour. If you are very bad with tools or would rather some else install your new RO system, a plumber can easily get the job done in 20 minutes. Once installed the system will provide an endless flow of pure water. 


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