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Water use at Home

A normal household with up to 4 people, will usually not use more than 50 gallons of fresh drinking water a day. Of course you are not using all the water just for drinking. Reverse Osmosis water works great when used for:

-  cooking

-  making coffee/tea

-  ice cubes  

-  anything else you can think of

Because most customers use reverse osmosis water for various purposes (as mentioned above), we always recommend a system that can produce 50 gallons per day. If you only use 5-10 gallons a day, your system and your filters will simply last much longer. A 50-gallons per day unit is a good system that can last you and your family for years without worrying! 

If you don't know how many gallons your household will use per day, below you will find our recommendations based on the number of people in your household.


     Number of People in Household           Gallons Needed                                            Recommended System                                     
1-4 50 Nelsen 4-stage RO Sytem or Nelsen 5-stage RO System
5-8 100 Crystal Quest Thunder*

*Also available in 50 GPD or 75 GPD.

This is just a general rule of thumb but we hope that it is helpful in finding the right system for you and your family.


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