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Small investment - Great Results

When looking for the best reverse osmosis drinking water system, you may wonder what you can expect to spend for a good RO system. The answer depends on a few factors like:

-  "Gallons per day" (GPD) capacity

-  Number of Filters

-  Brand

-  Type 


Counter Top and Under the Sink RO systems

Under the Sink RO SystemsIf you are looking for an RO system for drinking and cooking, then a  counter top system or an under the sink system will work well for you. 

Most people choose an under the sink Reverse Osmosis System since there is less clutter in the visible range.

A complete under the sink RO system starts at only $195!
(incl. holding tank, faucet and filter set)

Depending on the brand, the type and how many stages of filtration you want, prices for a good quality under the sink RO system vary between $195 and $695.

If you use more water than a "typical" home, you may want to choose a larger GPD capacity, or add another storage tank, which would add on $50-$100 dollars. The complete system will have everything included for the installation, which most people can figure out fairly easily. Most Reverse Osmosis Water treatment systems in this price range will have 3-5 filters which will give you great quality water.

One thing with Reverse Osmosis Water treatment systems is that they do need replacement filters approximately once a year (depending on usage). Most replacement filters only cost around $60-80 per set. If your water has more sediment than usual or If you have very hard water, then it mignt be a good idea to add an extra sediment filter. Even with the added cost of keeping up an RO system, the price for such a high quality filtration system is extremely low. 

Reverse Osmosis Water treatment systems have one of the highest impurity rejection rates out of all water filtration systems, meaning your water is very clean and fresh. Since the cost for the water is very low, you would be paying much more for bottled water throughout the year. If you plan on replacing bottled water with RO water, then you can expect to save a bundle. You will get gallons of water for pennies with an RO system. And for the water quality? You can expect the Reverse Osmosis System to give you better quality water than most bottled water companies. You will be amazed at how good water tastes after it goes through an RO system. 

Another great thing about an under the sink Reverse Osmosis System is that you likely will not have to pay for a plumber to install it. 95% of home owners are able to complete the installation with easy to follow instructions. 

In the end there are very few extra expenses for an RO system other than the initial purchase price. Considering the quality of water that you get from an RO system, the investment is very affordable. 

Whole House RO Water Treatment System

CRYSTAL QUEST 200 GPD Reverse Osmosis System
In the past whole house reverse osmosis water filtration systems were too expensive for household use, because a whole house RO system was basically a commercial RO system installed in a home. These systems were bulky and expensive (some priced close to $25,000). Today, whole-house RO systems are more compact, with footprints as small as a water softener. These days the whole house RO water systems are much more affordable.

A complete Whole House RO system starts at $995 (200GPD)

Additional cost may apply to the listed price for custom modifications based on the quality of your incoming water and the expected amount of gallons used per day. Fill out our Quick Quote Formsend it to in order to get a customized offer from our RO experts.

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