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Reverse Osmosis Water and Your Health

The Quality of Reverse Osmosis Water 

Reverse osmosis water filters remove 90-99% of all contaminants from water, including inorganic minerals. In water filter comparison tests, reverse osmosis systems always beat standard carbon filters in the removal of harmful contaminants in both tap and well water. However, some critics say that this water is unnatural and is not good for human consumption. Is ultra clean water that is free of inorganic minerals good for human health?  Yes it is!

Today this technology has earned its rightful status as the most convenient and thorough method to produce contaminant free clean water. It is used by many soda bottling plants and by many industries that require ultra-refined water in manufacturing. Reverse osmosis has also made its way into the residential sector and has become a popular under-the-counter water filtration system for many families. However there are some competitors in the water filtration market that argue against the use of reverse osmosis for drinking water and have spread many outrageous rumors against it online in the hopes of discrediting the technology.Drinking reverse osmosis water

Myth #1 – Reverse osmosis purified water is unhealthy to drink

The Real Truth Backed By Results: Reverse osmosis is one of the healthiest filtration systems on the market

Reverse osmosis (RO) has been called unnatural water because of its purity. Detractors claim it is man-made and unhealthy and should only be used for industrial applications and not for human consumption. They say that RO water is too pure and clean to be good because such perfectly clean mineral-free water does not exist naturally on earth. However this type of water does exist, it’s called RAIN.

Rainwater is water that has been stripped of all minerals and is often one of the purest and cleanest water on earth. People have been drinking rainwater for thousands of years without any negative health effects. Only recently has rainwater been polluted by the industrial age and man’s pollution of the skies. In the absence of heavy natural or man-made air pollution, rainwater can be very pure and safe to drink. While rain water may absorb and pick-up some substances as it falls through the atmosphere, minerals are not one of them. Thus people have been drinking mineral-free water for thousands of years, which is very normal when you consider that nothing is more natural than mother nature’s life giving rain.

With the scientific research that has been done over the past 60 years on reverse osmosis water, none has ever documented any negative health effects from people drinking RO water. In fact, RO technology has also been extensively tested in the past by the US military and is approved for and highly on a daily basis by the men and women who protect our country.

Myth#2 – Reverse osmosis filters remove healthy minerals from water

The Real Truth – Reverse osmosis filters remove inorganic, unhealthy minerals from water

RO systems do remove minerals from tap water. However, we humans get the vast majority of our minerals from the foods we eat, not from drinking water. For example, 1 glass of orange juice has the same amount of minerals as 30 gallons of tap water. You would also get more minerals from 1 vitamin tablet than you will from drinking a month’s supply of tap water.

Tap water contains only inorganic minerals which cannot be properly absorbed by our bodies. Human beings need organic minerals which are only available from living organisms like plants and vegetables and are easily absorbed by our systems. According to the WQA & WHO (Water Quality Association – World Health Organization) we get the vast majority of our minerals from food not from drinking water. The inorganic minerals found in water has little to no benefits to people and in fact can be very bad to our health.

It is estimated that over a 70-year lifespan, a person drinking tap or mineral water will be ingesting about 200 to 300 pounds of rock that their body cannot use. While most of these microscopic rock minerals will be eliminated from our bodies regularly, some will be stored in our tissues becoming toxic. The primary culprits are calcium salts and over time they can cause gallstones, kidney stones, bone & joint calcification, arthritis, and hardening and blocking our arteries.Reverse Osmosis remowes many contaminants

Reverse osmosis water purification simply delivers the cleanest, purest drinking water on the market. What about distilled water you say? Distillation systems are comparable in contaminant removal, however since many synthetic chemicals such asherbicides, pesticides and chlorine solutions have boiling points lower than water, these chemicals will vaporize and can be carried over into the product water container actually making the collected purified water even more concentrated in those particular chemicals. Distilled water systems also require very high energy costs to operate and are very slow in producing water.

Reverse osmosis is also the only purification system that can remove the majority of dangerous Pharmaceuticals & Drugs from our drinking water. According to AP news reports provided by this USA Today article & Fox News report – “Reverse Osmosis removes virtually all pharmaceutical contaminants”.

Reverse osmosis removes many contaminants that countertop and faucet carbon filters cannot including viruses, bacteria, pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, drugs, cryptosporidium, mercury, nitrates, microbes, heavy metals, all radioactive materials, and many more.