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Nimbus Sierra Reverse Osmosis System

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Quick Overview

Quick Overview

  • Great Entry Level System
  • 30 Gallons Per Day
  • Easy Installation
  • Complete System

Highest Rated Ro System!


Nimbus Sierra Reverse Osmosis System 

Complete Nimbus Sierra Reverse Osmosis System.  Highly efficient and cost effective, this system is a top choice here at RO Pros.  Has the capability to handle 30 Gallons Per day and is NSF certified.  Again, a complete system ready to be installed.  Comes with ultra stylish faucet.  This system is shipped ready for easy assembly. 

Four Stage Reverse Osmosis System

2-Stage Prefilter
Removes dirt, rust and other suspended solids as well as chlorine taste and odor.
30 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Removes dissolved salts, metals, microorganisms and other impurities.
Carbon Postfilter
The final step in giving you fresh tasting, clean, clear water.
Complete System
Includes Sierra unit, stainless-steel airgap faucet, 2-gallon storage tank and installation hardware.
14.5"H x 12"W x 4.75"D

Nimbus Sierra Model NS-1N30 has been tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for reduction of several contaminants

  •  Four-stage reverse osmosis drinking water system for fresh tasting, clear drinking water.
  • Great tasting drinking water for pennies a gallon.
  • Membrane options include 36 gpd, 50 gpd, 75 gpd or 100 gpd.
  •  Reverse osmosis membrane reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) by 96%.
  •  Top quality coconut carbon post-filtration provides final polishing for the freshest taste.
  •  Easy to install with pre-connected, color coded tubing and hygienically sealed filter cartridges.
  •  Easy to maintain. Replace the filter cartridges without tools.
  •  Compact design saves under-the-counter space.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Reverse Osmosis is a process that involves high pressure, pushing water through membranes or microscopic filters to purify the water.  Purified water comes through the filter leaving the contaminated water or “waste water” behind.  The waste water is disregarded to the drain and the pure water is then dispensed. 

Most reverse osmosis systems will be set up under the sink of the kitchen.  Being fairly small in size they easily fit under the counter, and connect with a water line up to the sink to a faucet. 

Complete RO systems come with a holding tank that allows for the pure water to be stored when it’s not in use.   This gives you more water to be able to dispense.  Depending on the output and the size tank, systems can produce anywhere from 25-100 GPD.  This is usually more than a typical home will need.

Why Do I Need An RO System?

Everyone can benefit from having an RO system in their home.  Even if you feel like your tap water is not that bad, an RO system can give you better quality water then most bottled water.  Bottle water plants usually use filters, not high pressure reverse osmosis to clean the water.  The result is the best water you can get, conveniently in your home kitchen sink.

An RO system is SO powerful that is it the only system that can “desaline” salt water, that is take out the salt, in salt water and make it drinkable.  The systems are so powerful third world countries are using them to supply cities and towns with water straight from the ocean.  Yea they are that powerful.

So What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of having an RO system are tremendous.  Here is a short list of benefits one can expect from one of these systems.

1. Save Money

If you buy bottled water that can cost up to $1 per bottle, you will save tremendous amount of money every month using a reverse osmosis system.  After the initial cost of an RO system (average $100-300) you can expect $20-30 a year in maintenance cost and that’s it.  Imagine how much water you buy each month, and how much you could save?  The system can pay itself off in a matter of months!!

 2. Healthy Pure Water

The Main reason people get a reverse osmosis system is because it provides a higher rejection rate of contaminants than any other home water system. RO systems have up to a 99% rejection rate for some major contaminates, far better than any other water filter system.  RO systems address dissolved solids, nitrate, sulfate, sodium, sulfate, iron, calcium, potassium, nickel, fluoride, and more.

3. Great Tasting

People love the taste of reverse osmosis water.  If your water tastes dull or has a bad odor, then an RO system can replace that with purified water.  People say that is far better tasting then bottle water.  You will be amazed at how great your tap water will taste after is flows through a reverse osmosis system

4. Environmentally Friendly

Another great thing about reverse osmosis is that there is no byproduct of chemicals disposed into our environment.  The “waste water” or the water a RO system rejects is totally fine for the environment.  So you can have great tasting water and be environmentally conscious.

Don’t We Need Some Healthy Minerals In The Water?

Some people say that the one downside of a reverse osmosis system is that is takes out the good minerals we need like calcium and iron.  While a RO system cannot tell the good minerals from the bad, it takes out all the minerals that can also be beneficial.  The good thing is that we get these minerals in the food we eat. 

So we don’t necessarily need it from the water we drink.  The Fact is if we could get real “spring water” that is free from any “bad” minerals, then it would be great.  But the reality is our tap water is NOT straight from a natural spring, so the result is we need to take the contaminants all out.  In the end it’s not worth trying to get the “good” minerals in the water that can be mixed with harmful elements and contaminants. 

Sample RO System Setup:

 Unfiltered Cold Tap

1-3. Carbon Sediment  Filters 

4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane

 Brine Water 

 Filtered Water - Water Stored In Pressure Tank

5. Coconut-Shell Refining Carbon Filter

  Product Water-  Highest Quality Drinking Water  

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