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Unbiased RO System Reviews

Here you will find our unbiased reviews on the top performing and best selling reverse osmosis systems. Each system is tested for ability, performance, ease of use, longevity, and customer feedback.  If any reverse osmosis system gets bad feedback or doesn't match the Reverse Osmosis Pros top quality standard, we simply get rid of it!  Being an unbiased online retailer, we are not obligated to sell any product from any brand!  We did the research so we could bring you the top performing systems from the most reputable brands at the very best prices!

When looking for a reverse osmosis system, you need to realize that not all systems are created equal. The great thing about reverse osmosis, is that most systems are relatively inexpensive (under $300). Compare that to a water ionizer or a whole house filter (which will run anywhere from $1,000-$3,000), a reverse osmosis will be the most inexpensive purchase you will ever make for clean, great tasting water.

Ro systems are not very difficult to set up and will require very little maintenance. If health is a main concern for you and your family, then a reverse osmosis system is right for you. Get rid of bottled water and get a reverse osmosis system which will last you for years to come!

Read below to see the best systems in the industry,  or click here to check out our Reverse Osmosis "Buyer's Guide".

Best Price/Quality Performance System!

Nelsen Reverse Osmosis System 5-Stage 50 Gallons Per Day

The Nelson 5 stage reverse osmosis system is our #1 choice for its price!  Really, we don't think there is another reverse osmosis system on the market that can compete with the effectiveness and the price of the Nelsen Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage System. You will find cheaper systems or more expensive systems with more filters, but for a basic 5 stage system this is a great buy.  

Made by Nelson Corporation based out in Ohio with years of industry experience, Nelsen is one of the leading companies in the water care industry.  You know with this system you are getting a great quality product.  With the capacity to hold up to 50 gallons a day, you will find all the pure water you need with this system.  Nelson makes great long-lasting systems that are built to last.  Considering the price and the quality of this system, this is our #1 choice.  It is far from being our most expensive system, but for most of you reverse osmosis beginners, this is what we always recommend.reverse osmosis system review

This system Includes 5-Stage 50 gdp RO System featuring double o-ring housings and a clear pre-filter housing for quick inspection of the sediment filter. Also features a 3.2 gallon NSF approved storage tank. This system utilizes 1/4" quick connect fittings, 1/4" tubing, and a chrome long-reach, lead-free faucet. Also includes filter wrench.

We ship this system complete with faucet and tank, ready for easy installation.

Click here to learn more about the Nelsen 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System!

Our Top Performing, Ultra-Filtration System That ROCKS!

Crystal Quest Thunder Reverse Osmosis Ultra filtration System

The Crystal Quest Ultra Filtration reverse osmosis system is the highest filtration system we carry.  For those looking to get the CLEANEST, PUREST & BEST TASTING WATER you have ever had, we always recommend the Crystal Quest Thunder Reverse Osmosis System!

With 17 stages of filtration this system produces some of the highest quality water you can find.  CRYSTAL QUEST® Thunder Reverse Osmosis®/Ultrafiltration systems are revolutionary breakthrough in the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration industry. Through years of experience and research have produced totally new, most effective, & healthiest Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration systems on today market today!

CRYSTAL QUEST® Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration systems have compact designs that can easily fit beneath the kitchen sink. Supplied with a complete installation kit that includes a European lead-free long-reach designer faucet, CRYSTAL QUEST® 4 gallons  stainless steel pressurized holding tank with a polypropylene inner liner and a 3.2 gallon capacity, all interconnecting color-coded tubing, filter cartridges, ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane, and installation hardware for easy installation.

We know this system is not inexpensive...  But for those who really want to finally take a stand against unhealthy water, the Crystal Quest Thunder Reverse Osmosis System is the perfect opportunity!  We always recommend this system for those looking to invest a little more into their water quality.  If you use bottled water monthly, a RO system can easily be paid for with just a few months to a year of not having to by bottled water.  And, reverse osmosis water is by far more healthier!

Click here to learn more about the Crystal Quest Thunder Ultrafiltration System!

We also recommend the best brand for water softener systems on the market.  EvoClear Water Softener Systems are superior than the rest!  We also recommend their no salt water softeners & whole house filtration systems.  If you are on well water, check out the well water systems too.

Why Choose One Of These Systems? 

We know you might still have questions and that is totally okay!  Reverse osmosis can be complicated to some but once you understand how the process works, you will have a better idea of which system is right for you. 

Here at Reverse Osmosis Pros, we sell many systems and all of our systems are only top of the line!  We only listed the two systems above because we have found that for those who want something simple yet effective, these systems will definitely fill your need. 

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